With the aim of accompanying the implementation, development and consolidation of the educational-pastoral proposal of the Calasanz Movement in the demarcations of America, the first meeting of coordinators belonging to the Circumscription was held virtually.

We participated in the meeting: Matías Pavón from Argentina, Luis Alberto Hernández from Venezuela, Modesta Telemín from Santo Domingo, Santiago Gaviria from Nazareth (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador), José Hernández from California, Jorge Ramírez Quiles from U.S.A. – P.R., Leonardo Henao from Chile, Juan Fernando Arroyave, Francisco López Jiménez and Mauro Rodríguez from Mexico.

At the meeting, we addressed the following topics:

  • Calasanz Movement of America Work Route that we traced during the General Meeting of Calasanz Movement in Oaxaca.
  • Letter to the Whole of the Pious Schools and the Proposals of the Assembly of Youth (Piarist Synod) to the Calasanz Movement.

Each attendee presented himself with great enthusiasm expressing; their joy and hope for the virtual encounter, and we set out the expectations of the path that we can walk in a common way.

After the personal presentation, united in prayer, we asked our Good Father for the Calasanz Movement to be “salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13-16) in each Piarist presence, so that it may be “Good News” in the children and young people who Calasanz have given us. For the testimony of each educator of the Movement; to be bearers of faith and hope, so that in every presence the religious and laity may enlighten and multiply the lives of our children and young people, so that together we may build a better future. The moment of prayer ended with the feeling of being united in the same spirit, with the confidence of being instruments of a great project of God and Calasanz, and we prayed together to our Virgin of the Pious Schools.

Each demarcation presented its work path marked during the first General Meeting of the Calasanz Movement sharing the following questions:

  • What dreams and challenges do we identify in our Demarcation?
  • What work path do we propose to promote the Calasanz Movement in the Demarcation?
  • (Actions and implementations)
  • What work routes do we propose for the Circumscription of America?

During each presentation, we expressed the achievements and challenges, the process, the structure, our organization, the projects and lines of action, the projection. During each intervention the attendees made contributions and questions about the above. The Order of participation was as follows: U.S.A.- P.R., Californias, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Nazareth, Chile and Argentina.

After manifesting the work paths, we shared the question:

  • What do we have left after listening to each province?

In general, we expressed that the Calasanz Movement is known, the desire to make the proposal present has grown, it has grown in some presences, while others are consolidating the process, and solid fruits are noticed in the different experiences of the process. We recognize the challenges of the implementation, development and consolidation of the model; the training of educators, the accompaniment of experiences, the profile of the group, the sharing of good practices, materials and projects, actions that can be qualified together.  In general, we shared the importance of working the stages: with the young (discernment) and Calasanz for adults; the orientation towards religious life and fraternity, the common work with Itaka-Escolapios. We expressed the certainty that we have all achieved something; that together we can move forward, to organize and qualify together the proposal. To systematically respond to the challenges that the Church, society, children and young people demand of us. Of the great richness in the various experiences of the Movement in America, each going through its process, each paying and making possible the pastoral educational Piarist project. We are certain to build The Pious Schools locally in tune with the proposals and language of the Order and the Church.

We agreed to share documents that are generated, such as strategic plans, projects, staged materials and training for educators.

Another aspect we addressed at the meeting was “Synodality”, a language of Order in which we all walk, with the help of the following questions we shared: How have we been working on the topic? How do we contribute from the Movement? We expressed the echoes, work and challenges posed by the youth letter, the challenges and proposals to all the Pious Schools.

We agreed to accompany the process and be protagonists in the experience that began with the youth (Piarist Synod), in addition to responding to the call of the Assistant for America, Fr. Francisco Anaya Walker with Communiqué 12 sent, to those responsible for each demarcation.

Each province mentioned the local work with the 10 proposed modules of formation by the Calasanz Movement for its educators and training actions in the three basic dimensions (Human, Christian and Calasanctian). We conclude that it is necessary to work in a common way in the training and awareness of the collaborators of the works regarding the theme of Calasanz Movement in key participation.

We will work in the following virtual links: volunteering and promoting exchange experiences, the connection and networks that enable the Movement, the mission work that the Movement ileads. One of the questions that arose and that we will address in the following connections was: What is the relationship between Itaka Escolapios and the Calasanz Movement? What key elements can we work on?

Before the end of the meeting, we agreed:

  • Search for two meetings per semester. Next meeting will be on Saturday, July 11 at the same time, 9:00 a.m. local time in Mexico.
  • Propose the agenda to be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Send materials for the construction of the web.
  • Send meeting assignments to Santiago Gaviria.
  • Working on the proposals of the Synod, the Assistant of America has requested it with a statement.

The meeting has been an enriching experience, we are a beating heart.

Calasanz unites us!