They go weeping when they sow the seed and come back singing when they reap the sheaves, Psalm 125 teaches us. What a wonderful harvest is that of the Pious Schools in which we can verify that this is the law of every foundation that begins with sacrifice and dedication and produces fruits of fruitful holiness.

Such has been the experience of the Jubilee for the 50 years of Piarist Presence in Quimilí, that the Province of Argentina celebrated last September 10 and 11, convoked by the several works that function in that presence, and with the participation of religious and lay representatives of the other communities and works of our Province.

The celebration was also enriched by the presence of Father General and Assistant General for America. Fr. Pedro Aguado deeply captured and expressed the feelings of the Piarist family that is on pilgrimage in Argentina when he stated that “just as Quimili was blessed as a town by the Piarist presence, Quimili is also a blessing for the Pious Schools of Argentina and for the whole Order”.

A couple of days in which thanksgiving won the spirit of all, for the work that God does in the hearts that are open to his grace, for the wonders of so many Piarists who sowed piety and letters and for the testimony of a people and community that know how to value the inheritance received.

For many years of Piarist presence in Quimilí and for the perseverance of the Piarist religious vocations that God is raising in these beloved lands.

Fr. Luis Maltauro Sch.P.