From February to May 2022, the Volunteering of the Cristóbal Colón University stood in solidarity with various civil associations, as well as non-governmental and civil society organizations from Veracruz, Mexico, with the purpose of living the experience of the service and addressing various social problems around education, food, the environment, and assistance.

One of the characteristics of this process is the experience, going to the place regardless of the academic profile you have, only with the will and the spirit to collaborate. This type of activities in university life requires a lot of organization and humility on the part of young people, and although the vast majority begins with some doubts, at the end of the process they discover themselves different, admired of themselves and of the people who have opted for a lifestyle through volunteering.

In this semester there was the participation of 37 students of the degrees in Law, Psychology, Economics, Nutrition and Food Science, Education Sciences, as well as Markets and International Business.

Beneficiary institutions:

  • AMANC, A.C.
  • La Roca, A.C.
  • Somos +Decididos, A.C.
  • Centro Estatal de la Transfusión Sanguínea
  • Hogares Calasanz
  • Centro Social Calasanz
  • Vida plena después del cáncer
  • Itaka Piarists
  • Cuauhtémoc Elementary
  • Alma Infantil Preschool

We share some reflections of our students:

“Our entity has large associations which carry out actions that benefit the population or ecosystems. I found the stay pleasant because such important issues about social participation were addressed and made us reflect on the important role that volunteering has to face the challenges in terms of development and also in the construction of a more participatory and egalitarian society.”  Karen Aurora Fabian Nieto. Nutrition and Food Science.

“I had always wanted to volunteer, but due to lack of knowledge I could not achieve it, until I decided in this semester. I ended up very happy with the achievements that were obtained, with the participation of parents, the preschool authorities and us as a team because we learned to manage, to design, to work as a team, but above all to believe in solidarity”. Astrid Odette Palaceta Betanzos. Psychology.

“I learned to work as a team in activities such as beach cleaning, composting, arborization, among others; you have to have respect and responsibility since you must take into account your times as well as have an organization of the things we do in the week. I feel satisfied with my person, I have changed my way of thinking, interacting with people, taking more care of the resources that nature gives us, being empathetic with the situations that each person has and that they also achieve the confidence of being able to decide if they want to help change. Monserrat Navarro Núñez. Psychology.