On September 1, the visit of Father General Pedro Aguado and the Assistant for America Julio Alberto Alvarez to the general community, and through it to the Piarist Presence in Veracruz, Mexico, began. The current Piarist members of the general community are Absalón Salmerón, Fernando Hernández and José Manuel Asún. They carry out the Piarist mission of the Cristobal Colon University and together with the other Piarist works of the Province of Mexico they develop the project of presence between religious and lay people. The works of attention to children and young people are varied and numerous: 2 schools, 1 Calasanz school, 1 university, 1 parish, 1 social center, and recently the Calasanz Home with numerous projects of social and community development.

In all these works, the two communities of Piarist religious and 4 communities of Piarist Fraternity collaborate in the Piarist mission. Together with many collaborators, they serve an average population of six thousand children and young people, not counting the multiplier effect on the families and society of Veracruz. The general house held meetings for evaluation and follow-up, to get to know the reality, to animate the daily work, to motivate the hearts of the children and youth, to plan and to propose new challenges for a greater and better transformation of the people and the reality of Veracruz.

These meetings were with the religious community, the presence team, the various communities of Fraternos, the emerging groups in the experience of the Piarist Christian community, the students of the works of the presence, the directors of the works of the presence, the collaborators and government teams of the University. We would like to emphasize the fraternal dialogue we had with the students and alumni representing the academic programs of the University Cristóbal Colón, and the recently elected Student Council. This conversation helped to bring us closer to each other to what is at the core of our soul: the passion for the transformation of a more and better livable world, with values and capacity for acceptance and love. Thank you for this dialogue full of life and hope with the young Piarists who are being formed to “evangelize by educating”.

During the visit, a dedicated, careful, diligent and systematic work was noted. There was no lack of the great challenges involved in taking the helm of all this Piarist reality. We thank the team of presence, the fraternal and religious and all the personnel who support the Piarist mission to increase the capacity of welcoming children and young people in all their facets of social and cultural vulnerability.