The XLVIII General Chapter defined a nucleus for the Construction of the Pious Schools, in which the lines of action corresponding to the keys of life of Interculturality and Inculturation, Synodality, Integral Sustainability and Participation have been grouped together. To carry them forward, the General Congregation established a General Secretariat and three General Teams (Interculturality, Synodality, Youth and Pious Schools).

After some initial virtual meetings, the General Secretariat for the Construction of the Pious Schools met in Madrid from November 7 to 10, with the purpose of making some reflections that will help and open the way for the concretization of a program for the six-year period.

Present in the meeting: Fr. Emmanuel Suárez ©, from Mexico; Guillermo Gómez, from Bethany; Jon Calleja, from Emmaus; Fr. Jordi Vilá, from Catalonia; Fr. Jozsef Úrban, from the General Congregation; Fr. Juan Carlos Gómez, from Nazareth; and Juan Fernando Arroyave, from Nazareth (sent to Mexico).

We wanted to begin a reflection on interculturality as the theological backdrop against which the encounter with the different, foreign, strange other becomes possible, for the joint construction of life and of the Pious Schools.

We have also sought to deepen our concept and our experience of synodality, because this encounter and construction requires a key and an attitude that allows listening, giving the floor to all, especially to those who usually have not had it, to those who find it difficult to express themselves and to those who find it hard to listen.

Therefore, in a special way, we have opened a space to be challenged by the voices of four sisters who have helped us to begin a reflection on the role of women in the Pious Schools: Cristina Velasquez, from Nazareth; Helena Aranzabe, from Emmaus; Laura Benitez, a Piarist Sister from Mexico; and Marta Moratona, from Bethany. With them we have had a dialogue, at the same time inspiring and questioning, to review our construction of the Pious Schools with so many women who give life to the communities and works.

In order to continue making an increasingly accurate approach to the Piarist Presence Model in which this joint experience of charism and mission is embodied, we invited Raul Gonzalez, from Emmaus, to deepen this proposal and continue thinking about the best ways to live it in our presences.

May the bets and proposals that result from these reflections and planning help us all to contribute to this construction from the Piarist charism that the Lord has given us.

Fr. Emmanuel Suarez Sch.P.