As every August 25, all of us who are and feel like sons and daughters of St. Joseph Calasanz celebrate with deep joy his liturgical solemnity, from which we thank God for his charism, his holiness, his fatherhood and his intercession for our beloved Pious Schools, the work to which he dedicated his life and the ecclesial space from which all of us live and share our vocation.

It is true that we celebrate it every year, but it is also true that Calasanz always offers something new for each of us, for our communities, for our mission. Therefore, our first invitation is this: how does  the celebration of Calasanz in this year 2022 resonate in you, in your community, in your life?   Perhaps one of the best ways to celebrate Calasanz is to answer this question from the center of your experience of vocation.

This year 2022 is not just any year for us. It is a year inspired by the 48th General Chapter, which encouraged us to walk with Christ, the one Lord, at the center. It is a year in which we have celebrated the 400th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitutions and the configuration of the Pious Schools as a religious Order of solemn vows. It is a Year of Vocation. It is a year in which we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the document “The Laity in the Pious Schools”. It is a year with many celebrations and anniversaries that also mark the richness of the path we are traveling as Piarists. Therefore, the second invitation we make to you is this: celebrate Calasanz by thanking the Lord for what you have experienced this year in your vocation, in your mission, in your community, in short, in your Piarist life.

A third invitation, with which we wish to end this congratulatory message: Calasanz continues to challenge us, continues to move our inner self, continues to raise options in each one of us. He never leaves us indifferent; we do not approach him as one approaches a simply interesting figure. We approach him as the one who knew how to accept the gift of God and knew how to make it mature and bear fruit so that each one of us could live it as a vocation. “What do you feel called to by Calasanz?”

Celebrating the founder is a good opportunity to try to grow in our vocation. This is our wish and our proposal for all. HAPPY DAY OF SAINT JOSEPH CALASANZ!

The General Congregation of the Pious Schools