Part 1.

This is the constant question of a child from the Pious Schools in Argentina that he has posed to Fr. General in his visit to the Calasanz Schools and Homes.

The arrival on September 7 of Fr. Pedro Aguado, Superior General of the Order and Fr. Julio Alberto Álvarez, General Assistant for America to the Province of Argentina gave way to a series of fraternal meetings between the religious of the demarcation, as well as hundreds of students in the Piarist presences.

For his part, Fr. Marcelo Benítez, Provincial Superior, has organized the visit starting with the presence in Buenos Aires, then we continued to Quimilí (where we celebrated together the first 50 years of Piarist and Calasanctian work  in the region), then we travel to Córdoba to listen to the current work in the Santo Tomás School and in the Escuelas Pías School,  as well as the recent Calasanz Home. After this visit, we went to the Pious Schools of Mendiolaza, where for 10 years the history of a new school has begun.

The fraternal visit consists of visiting the communities and works, as well as personal and community meetingswith the religious in such a way that they are accompanied by the General Congregation as indicated in the central nucleus of the 48th General Chapter: the centrality of Jesus Christ, in the second key of life “Community life”.

In this second key of life, it reads: “Our mission, lived with passion and joy, enriches and renews community life”.  An accent that we reaffirm in the vocational experience of the Piarists is how children and young people “make us” Piarists. This has implied for the Argentine Piarist brothers closeness, accompaniment, assiduous and systematic work, collaborative work, listening. The history of the Province of Argentina has been marked in recent years by hard, tenacious, courageous and patient work with children and young people, teacher training, and closeness to families.

An important emphasis on the visit is towards young people in the initial formation stage and young adult religious, who had the opportunity to discuss their vocational experience extensively with Fr. General, and in turn, on behalf of our Holy Father José Calasanz, confirmed them in the Piarist vocation and in the faith.

It will continue…