“I bring you good news, which will be a source of joy for the whole people.”

This is the angel’s proclamation to the shepherds on Christmas Eve in Bethlehem (Lk 2:10). And that announcement today is still true, in this Celebration of Christmas. These days, we welcome the best news we had ever thought of receiving: God is born into a child, and that child is Jesus, the Lord.

That child who is born carries with him the fullness of God’s love for humanity and is the definitive answer to all our questions and our quests. That is why we are invited to celebrate, with depth and joy, the announcement of Christmas.

For those of us who live our faith in this newborn child from the context of the Pious Schools, this Christmas is a reminder of our commitment to proclaim this Good News to all the children and young people who grow up among us, and to do so with the word, with the witness of our lives, and from the educational project engendered by Saint Joseph Calasanz.

To all the religious of the Order, to the Fraternity, to all the people who live the dream of Calasanz, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The General Congregation of the Pious Schools