Once again, this November 27 we celebrate the Saint Joseph Calasanz’ Patronage of the Christian popular school. In this celebration, those of us who believe in the project of Calasanz feel grateful and called upon. Grateful for their fortunate daring and perseverant patience and called upon to continue his work and mission.

This year we celebrate the 400th anniversary of an exceptional document, written by Calasanz to try to get his Pious Schools configured as a religious Order, thus seeking to give stability to his life’s work. We are talking about theMemorial to Cardinal Tonti. We want to invite you all to read this Memorial in this celebration of the Patronage ofCalasanz, and that our congratulatory message be the same Calasanctian text. Therefore, we want to highlight someaspects of this Memorial, and that these underlines be our institutional message:

  1. The Memorial to Cardinal Tonti is a passionate writing, which seeks to perpetually consolidate his conviction: only education, carried forward by convinced educators and guarded by an institution made up of peopleperpetually linked, for life, to the commitment to educate, can change the world.
  2. It is a writing that invites us to build It is a text that proposes a collective work, a community dedication,a complicity, a lifestyle, weaving a network and working together to achieve the formidable objective it proposes: to change the world.
  3. Calasanz proposes a foundation. And a foundation only makes sense if it has the solidity to This is Calasanz’sgoal. That is why he configures the Order. And that is why we are here.
  4. Calasanz defends his option of the Pious Schools being an Order not only because it has a specific ministry, but because the educational ministry is the compendium of all the Education is the condition of possibility for all the other ministries that can be offered to a person. This is central to Calasanz. And it is central to the Pope’sidea of rebuilding the Global Compact on Education.
  5. Education transforms the whole person and gives meaning to life. This is the key to integral education. And only through education can we transform society and eradicate all the dynamisms that dehumanize it.
  6. “Therefore.” The end of the Memorial is spectacular. It ends with a “therefore…” with a few ellipsis. This ending is still open. It is as if it invites us to draw our conclusions, to propose new challenges. It invites us to think, amongst all of us, how to give continuity to his proposal, what steps to take to better serve those we have to serve: children and young people, especially those most in That is, Calasanz turns the reader into an actor.

Congratulations on Calasanz Day.

The General Congregation of the Pious Schools