Between fear, joy, and satisfaction

The weekend of September 10 and 11, 2021, in Abidjan, was marked by the final commitment and the diaconate of our brothers Jean Fabrice YEKANIE, Dan Prince Emmanuel MILANDOU, Emmanuel Amath NDONG and Noël Bouyondé SAMBOU. These two events, which will henceforth mark the history of the Pious Schools in Ivory Coast, took place in a multidimensional sentimental logic. Indeed, the celebration of these different festivities had aroused in us a feeling of joy sometimes stifled by the fear of failure, but finally crowned by a feeling of satisfaction.

1 Our Joy

The joy that animated us all came, in fact, from the accomplishment of God’s project in the lives of our brothers. A project marked, above all, by an encounter of love matured in the Pious Schools. After years of formation in the Pious Schools, our brothers had the opportunity to say a definitive “yes” to God, to make his Love known to all people, especially poor children and young people. But also, they were saying yes to God to put themselves entirely at the service of his Word in the Church. This is what our joy was based on. A joy carried by a whole community.

2 Our fear

Fear, for its part, came largely from the organizational aspect. Let us point out here that the announcement of the vows of our brothers and of their diaconate presented itself to us in two ways. First, as a gift for the great Ivorian Piarist community (which for several years has carried and accompanied the vocation of the young Piarists), but also as an unexpected surprise. And it is in this that our fear and our doubt resided. Will we succeed? This is the question of an entire community faced with the multiple problems that it is going through here on Ivorian soil. But also, and above all, in the face of the challenge of a rational renewal, which our new living environment of Bingerville imposes on us.

3 Our success

By the grace of God, success has finally surpassed our fears and doubts. And this, thanks to the massive involvement of everyone. First, the events were spiritually supported by all the Piarists (from the Ivory Coast zone) during the annual retreat. Then, they (these events) were, for us, the occasion to live real moments of communion with our close collaborators. These are, in particular, the Calasanz Movement of the Ivory Coast and the families who are close to us and who help us in the mission. This is an opportunity for us to thank them unceasingly and to entrust them to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Pious Schools. And we pray to God to bless the mission of our new deacons and that He blesses the Pious Schools.

Louis Yoba DIATTA Sch. P.