To all the religious of the Order, and to all the people who feel identified with the charism of Saint Joseph Calasanz, the General Congregation of the Pious Schools wishes you all the best on this day so significant for us, in which we gratefully remember our Holy Father. Congratulations and Happy Calasanz Day!

This year 2021 we remember Calasanz with a view to two beautiful anniversaries that we will celebrate in a few months: the 400th anniversary of the configuration of the Pious Schools as a religious Order of solemn vows, and the also 400th anniversary of the approval of the Constitutions written by Calasanz, with which he gave stable and defined form to the Piarist project of life and mission.

This August 25 we remember again his figure, his charism and his contribution to the Church and society through his proposal of integral education for all, especially for those who need it most. Therefore, our message wants to be an invitation for this Memory to be transformed into Prophecy. We Christians commemorate to renew our desire to live what we celebrate. Transforming memory into prophecy will be our way of celebrating Calasanz.

We invite everyone to live their lives based on what we have learned and received from Calasanz, to incarnate in our personal, community, family and apostolic life the choices that made Calasanz the founder of a new charism in the Church: the centrality of Jesus, the Lord, in his life, and the love for Mary; the effort to consolidate his project starting from the Pious Schools that he knew how to love and build; the integral dedication to the evangelizing education of children and youth; the authenticity of vocation, which is the basis of fidelity; and his total commitment to the mission. From this memory we can be credible witnesses of his prophecy.

We are on the threshold of a new Piarist Vocation Year. Therefore, we want to remind you all, in the celebration of Calasanz, that the best way to celebrate our Holy Father is to contribute, with conviction, to the proposal of his charism and vocation to the young people who grow up among us or who come to our presences so that, if it is God’s will, they commit their lives as Piarists, at the service of the dream of Calasanz.

Receive a fraternal embrace.

The General Congregation of the Pious Schools

Rome, August 25, 2021, solemnity of St. Joseph Calasanz