We propose to do it from a triple perspective:

  • A good opportunity to recognize the Piarist history of Peralta, its message and density of meanings, and its spiritual legacy.
  • An opportunity to deepen our spirituality, and update it – in this Piarist vocational year-
  • and a commitment to rethink our view of the Sanctuary House and its possibilities.

Recognize, deepen, update and rethink Peralta, without forgetting, with each of these infinitives, the festive, evocative, and grateful dimension that this year, and hopefully these pages, communicate to us.

From that March 15, 1697, until today, the Piarists of all times, have felt Peralta as a reference, a community in which the Piarist events have been resonating, with the accents of each social moment, always accompanying the historical evolution of the Order.

Especially rooted in our Aragonese lands, and open and frequented by Piarists from all corners and demarcations, the list of its functions and activities is enormous: coexistence, camps, work camps, nature classrooms, excursions and walks, retreats and spiritual exercises, Easter, talks and days, Calasanctian route, accompaniments, youth hostel, holiday rest, Eutopia project, classrooms of the Barbastro school,  … and in the past, primary school for the population of the area, Piarist formation house, community of our Piarist sisters…

And always, community of life and mission, reference of identity, of family, for our educational and pastoral action, and for this people, Peralta de Calasanz, of parish and celebration of the faith, meeting place; “lo convent” …

We wanted to pick up some of this rich history in the pages that follow. With the hope that, when reading them, we recognize ourselves in some of their texts, photos, memories, people … or even better, let us identify in our personal history, the imprint of these contents, of the Piarist life they suppose and accept the proposal to update them, resume them, or reaffirm them as an option from which to understand each other.

This is how we understand Peralta today. As a place to visit and remember, but above all as a place from which to walk, activate, and live the Piarist keys. House of Piarist spirituality, a definition to which we return today, and from which we want to let ourselves be promoted.

House, home, starting point, path, from which to participate in the Piarist life and its options, which, to so many Piarists, from Calasanz until today, have given us life.

Rediscovering how I can personally respond; offer my collaboration for the different Piarist volunteers, participate in the life of one of our schools, or in the offer of meetings, retreats and exercises, contribute my solidarity as a partner of Itaka-Piarists and their projects, be a member of the Piarist Christian community of the population in which I live, inform myself of the Piarist life in the countries of the world,  connect with the websites and communications of the Piarist world, especially www.escolapiosemaus.org and www.itakaescolapios.org and many others that, from today, and in the dynamics of the anniversary year, may arise. The different Emmaus teams are already working on how to offer them.

And of course, sending us the suggestions that this anniversary and this magazine raise you. You can contact us in any of the aforementioned media, in the mail peralta@escolapiosemaus.org, and especially in the WhatsApp enabled to listen to you; “closer Piarist Emmaus”; +34 683 53 43 92

So that we continue to celebrate anniversaries, and, above all, the life to which they throw us. In our closest environments and in the 42 countries to which the echo of Peralta has led us.

In the centuries-old history of many of our works; Peralta and Barbastro, Alcañiz, Zaragoza and Jaca, Granada, Tolosa, Seville, Tafalla, Bilbao, Pamplona-Iruña, in the not yet centennial, such as Logroño, Soria, Vitoria-Gasteiz, in Riezu … and in the case of the most recent bets; the five years in Mozambique, and the projects in which we commit our lives daily.