The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. So pray to the master of the harvest to send workers to his harvest” (Luke 10:2)

The Church, in the announcement of the Good News, is active in making effective from day to day this request of the Lord.

It is with good reason that on July 10, 2021, the Diocese of Diébougou with at its head Mgr. KUSIELE Dabiré Der Raphaël, welcomed two young men, including Father Bruno BARAYE, workers for the harvest of the Lord.

Father Bruno BARAYE is a member of the Order of Pious Schools (Piarist Fathers). It was in this family that he took his first steps. We want to talk about his first vows, his Lectorate, his Acolytate, his solemn profession before committing to the presbyterate with the diaconate and the priesthood.

All these commitments, given their scope and importance, have been the subject of spiritual preparation.

Thus, after a time of spiritual retreat, comes the fixed day of ordination. The Mass ceremony began at 9:30 a.m. at The Parish of Our Lady of Peace in Maria Taw. The ordinary of the place, Bishop KUSIELE Dabiré Der Raphaël, was surrounded by his presbyterium of about thirty priests.

The Roman ritual for this purpose was followed and respected with rigor throughout the ceremony. After the consecratory prayer, the bishop imposed his hands on the ordinands before giving way to all the priests who took up the same gesture. It is a sign that recalls the transfer of ministerial power and ecclesial communion with the kiss of peace.

The ceremony was very beautiful and above all prayerful. There were many people because people came from afar and were ready to take part in the said ordination ceremony.

It was in joy and thanksgiving that the Lord’s Church in Diébougou saw the birth of one of his sons in the order of the presbyterate.

Father Bruno BARAYE, who celebrated his first Mass on Monday, July 12, 2021 at the Chapel of Saint Maurice de Zingane in the parish of Our Lady of Peace of Maria Taw, is now a priest of Jesus Christ. He must learn to serve and die for the cause of the Gospel.

We give thanks to God and pray to Him that this servant He has chosen may be a priest according to His heart.

That his priestly motto “indeed, for me, to live is Christ and to die is an advantage”  (Philp 1:21), remains engraved in his heart, for a fruitful and plentiful ministry. These are also the wishes and prayers that we formulate regarding Father Bruno BARAYE by telling him “DUC IN ALTUM”. Everything is grace, God is faithful. Union of prayers. Amen!


F. Roger Babene Sch. P.