On November 28, the solemn profession of our brothers took place in the parish of the Martyrs of Dakar, Senegal . They are:

  1. Brother Dorgelais ZINGBE of Saint John the Baptist
  2. Brother Paul NIKIEMA of the Glorious Cross
  3. Brother Guy GANGNON of Divine Mercy
  4. Brother Jacques Benoit Michael MANGA of the Mother of Jesus

After the period of simple vows, the final act or solemn profession asks to be preceded by a time of retreat. To this end, our future professed went to Ngazobil (in the Municipality of Joal/Fadiouth) in order to live this moment fully in prayer and recollection. This choice is of course personal, but it is first and foremost God’s.

The Profession ceremony took place on Saturday, November 28, 2020 at 10 a.m. at the Uganda Martyrs Parish. On Friday evening, all the Piarists were invited to the Juniorate Our Lady of Africa for a vigil of prayer and thanksgiving. It was truly a time of thanksgiving and blessing. During this Friday evening, the future professed gave a brief testimony of their vocational curriculum.

The Mass of the profession, presided over by Father Christian T. D. EHEMBA, was beautiful and prayerful. Many people were present, including Father Pierre DIATTA Assistant to Father General for Africa. The affection was strong and present, amidst the choral songs performed by the Juniors and some young people of the Calasanz Movement. The instrumentalists actually played their score, which ended in applause.

During his homily, father Provincial emphasized the sense of sincere and truthful belonging to a single religious family. He said, among other things: “The day you start to trivialize community life, you have to have the courage to leave. You don’t saw the branch you’re sitting on. Mediocrity should have no place in Consecrated Life! Consecrated Life is the path to perfection! ».

The glass of friendship that followed was exceptional, notwithstanding all the health protocol that was owed in the face of this Coronavirus pandemic.

May the Lord complete in Dorgelais, Paul, Guy and James what he started so well for them in the Order of The Pious Schools.

Fr. Benoit Akouny Babene Sch. P.