As the General Chapter draws to a close, the Assembly has resumed work on the Nuclei with the participation of young people. In addition, a session was devoted to the free dialogue of the Chapter Fathers with the new General Congregation.

In this morning’s Eucharist, presided over by the Province of Poland, its Provincial, Fr. Mateusz Pindelski, reflected on the Gospel “in which Jesus invites us to the purest freedom of the heart”. “Just as Calasanz welcomed all kinds of pupils, from different classes”, we are called to welcome with all our heart.

Already in the Chapter Assembly, the lines of progress of the different Chapter Nuclei have been reviewed and later, already in teams, the groups have “fine-tuned” the work with the definitive contributions of the Assembly. The prioritization of these lines for the future will be part of the work tomorrow in the Chapter Assembly. The pace of the work continues and the interventions, including those of the young people, enrich and clarify different aspects of the work.

There was also time for the Assembly to talk with the new General Congregation. In a sincere dialogue and with questions from the Chapter Members, the General Congregation showed its willingness to serve; and the young people were grateful for the possibility of participating and encouraged the new Congregation in this sexennium that is beginning. The Chapter Fathers acknowledged the availability of the new team, and the need to promote the Pious Schools as “a word for the Church”, giving value to the richness of the different Piarist realities.

Finally, Fr. Juan Carlos Sevillano presented the novelties they are working on regarding the Directory of Permanent Formation, including issues such as the use of social media or addictions, as well as the promotion of formation or the updating of the new lay realities.