One more year, as every 25th of August, we celebrate with shared joy Saint Joseph Calasanz. This year’s celebration will be  something different in many places, because of the difficulties that the health situation is causing in so many parts of the world and that conditions our life and mission. It conditions it, yes, but it does not paralyze, undermine or weaken it, in any way.

There is something we have been able to see and share in all the Piarist presences over the years: the strength and conviction with which educators, Piarists, young people, and all those who feel what it means to be a Piarist, have lived and live their vocation and their dedication to the Calasanctian mission.

Not long ago, in a fraternal letter, we were able to share with all of you this conviction, which is deeply rooted in all the Piarists: there are things that will never change in the Pious Schools, however new and unknown the context in which we are beginning to walk, because there is no virus that can destroy them. We talk about the passion for mission, the closeness to students, the proclamation of the Gospel, the commitment to quality in everything we do, the Calasanz Movement, the Shared Mission, the growth in identity, etc.

We believe in an education sustained by an educational relationship that is not content to be virtual, but authentic. To move forward, it is time to renew our conviction and our commitment to what defines our educational proposal, and to help each other live in a way that our testimony reflects, albeit in an ever-poor and weak way, the One who is the answer to all questions.

This was the way from which Calasanz incarnated his vocation, and that is why the Church recognized it as a charism. From that charism, from that Gospel experience, we continue to live. As we remember Calasanz, let us invite one another to live from the convictions he transmitted to us, for the sake of the children and young people to which we dedicate ourselves.

To all the people who love Calasanz, our best wishes and our best congratulations.

The General Congregation of the Pious Schools