Last January, the annual meeting of the Provincial Council of the Fraternity of Emmaus was held. It was an online meeting that brought together almost 30 participants throughout the morning. The meeting was designed, convened, and energized by the Permanent Team of the Fraternity, people to whom we have much to thank, since they are the team that remains at the service of the entire Fraternity, meeting fortnightly and in contact with each of the local realities.

There was a broad and in-depth presentation on the evolution of the Fraternity in the last two quadrennials and on the current reality, with an interesting dialogue on the situation. We share below some data that can serve to know more about the current reality of the Emmaus Fraternity, and we attach to this information the complete report summarized in a presentation:

  • It consists of 319 people. The youngest person is 25 years old and the oldest is 91. The median age was 47.25 years. This is the distribution of people by age groups:
Age bracket Number of members ·                    Percentage
Between 25 and 29 years old 35 10,97
Between 30 and 39 years old 66 20,69
Between 40 and 49 years old 96 30,09
Between 50 and 59 years old 74 23,20
60 years or older 48 15,05
  • In the Fraternity of Emmaus there are 20 Lay Piarists, 44 people who have received a ministerial assignment (in addition to the 23 religious who are part of it) and 4 in formation as future ministers.
  • The tithes of the Fraternity shared for the promotion of the Piarist Mission through Itaka-Piarists amount to around € 400,000 per year.
  • 46% are women, 47% have a Piarist professional relationship, around 190 develop their volunteering in Itaka-Piarists, 186 are married and 220 have made the Definitive Option for the Fraternity.

Some points of interest were worked on:

  • Call, accompaniment and youth protagonism.
  • Calls for adults.
  • Sendings to other presences: how to encourage and accompany them.
  • Vocation Ministry and, in particular, the underlying keys of the Piarist Vocational Year.

The current moment of the process of updating the Statute of the Emmaus Fraternity and marking the next steps was also shared, as well as the Emmaus Agreement with the Itaka-Piarist network.

It was a profound and interesting meeting that highlights the richness of life that we promote from the Fraternity and some challenges that lie ahead. And that summons us with joy to grow as brothers and sisters who continue the Calasanz project in our local presences and in our daily lives. And it makes us aware of the treasure of living life from the Piarist Fraternity.

P. Jesús Elizari Sch. P.