Chapter keys



Building the Order

We will analyze the process of restructuring, consolidation and expansion of the Order, setting the direction for the next six years. We will also enter into the challenges of interculturality and inculturation of our life and mission and those of the ecclesial call to synodality.

“After demonstrating the usefulness and necessity of this work, which includes all people and conditions and places, the need to establish it as a religious Order is deduced with rigorous consequence … The need to expand and propagate it according to the needs, desires and requests of so many “

The Piarist we need

We will reflect on the Piarist Vocational Culture and our Initial and Permanent Formation.

“Which cannot be done without many workers, and it is not possible to achieve them if they do not have great spirit and are not called with a particular vocation”

An irreplaceable ministry

We will go into important aspects of our ministry, and we will dedicate time to the process of the Piarist Synod of Youth and the Calasanz Movement.

“And among the latter is the Work of the Poor of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools, with an irreplaceable ministry, in common opinion to all, ecclesiastical and secular, princes and citizens, and perhaps the main one for the reform of the corrupted customs; a ministry that consists in the good education of the boys insofar as all the rest of the good or bad life of the future man depends on it ”.

The centrality of Jesus Christ

We want this General Chapter to offer a word on Piarist spirituality, convinced that the key to the Order’s process lies in the increasingly authentic experience of the centrality of the Lord in the life of each person, of the community and of the Order. Here is the kernel and the key to the previous three options. We are looking at the key that allows the other keys to work. Important themes that we will talk about in the Chapter, such as synodality, the Piarist that we need or the vocational culture acquire their full meaning from this central key.

“The faithful religious who wishes to obtain from our Institute the most seasoned fruit … remain united to Christ the Lord, desiring to live only for Him and to please Him alone”


Chapter reflections

This document compiles the “Salutatio” that Fr. General has written about the keys to the next General Chapter.